About Us

Welcome to G77+ - a new kind of guitar store. Our kind.

Come on down and chat. Just chat. As long as it’s about music, it’s ok, we don’t mind.

Play that guitar that caught your eye. Play it till your fingers hurt. Play it LOUD. It’s ok, we don’t mind.

Check it out through another amp. And another. And another. It’s ok, we don’t mind.

At G77+, we are dedicated to not rushing you through … anything. The experience of trying out a possible acquisition should be just like visiting an old friend’s place.

We believe that we stock some of the finest guitars and amplifiers in the world.

We believe that we have the guitar and amp for you. But it’s got to be the right one … for you. That decision takes time.

You’ve got to be sure. You’ve got to be able to feel free to come back again another day to play that guitar again. And again. You’ve got to be able to let your friends try it.

You’ve got to be up late at night, thinking about it.

Go ahead. Take your time. It’s ok. Really. We don’t mind.

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